Ocean Hair Salon nanokeratin System

A global leader in professional hair care blends and at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System has created a scientifically   proven micro size molecular hair repair and enhancement system. The on-going research and development of unique and innovative formulas are inspired by nature. Our revolutionary patented technology is enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that emulate natural hair process.We thrive on the superior research and development being undertaken by the International Nanokeratin System Laboratory and on our network of partnerships worldwide. Our awareness of hair health and fashion trends has created technologically superior blends for the professional global hair therapy and styling community.


Technology: Nanokeratin have formulated a patented and unique system enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that are based on advanced micro size molecular science that imbue even the smallest hair fibres to activate the inner hair cortex and create a non-soluble shield against environmental elements.

Blends: Nanokeratin have developed a range of highly effective professional and home-care blends that enrich hair in any state. Stylists and therapists are able to provide their clients the freedom from daily hair regiment and to create for them the most cutting–edge designs.

Ingredients: A distinctive formula is based on technology which comprises natural and bio-mimetic ingredients which bring a multitude of benefits to your hair, including a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils. Our wellbeing components enhance and treat hair to ensure best results to reflect our modern lifestyles.




The Nanokeratin System, an amazing smoothing therapy that gives effortless blow drying and silky smooth hair for up to 12 weeks, is now available at Ocean Salon.

Visit us at Ocean Salon or Book a Consultation with one of our fully trained specialist consultant, to receive this incredible new treatment, tailored to the needs of your hair.




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